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At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, we understand how difficult it can be to admit a challenge in your life has become a legal matter. It is often disappointing when you cannot amicably work out the problem with the other party, whether it is your spouse or your child’s other parent. Heading to court may feel like your final option. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys and family lawyers want to reassure you, despite the negative connotations associated with heading to family court, it is often the best possible step. It is not only a legal process. It is a means through which you can provide a more stable, healthier, and happier life for you and your family. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve a resolution to our legal issue and achieving a better future. Contact us today at (205) 255-1155 or use our online form to schedule an initial consultation.

How Our Family Court Lawyers Can Help

As a full-service law firm, we perform a wide range of legal services regarding divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, domestic violence and abuse orders, and adoption. We are here to help you and other families get through challenging experiences as efficiently as possible. We help you through a family legal matter by:

  • Ensuring you are fully informed of relevant Alabama law, your rights, and your legal options.
  • Reviewing jurisdiction for your family matter and making sure your case is filed in the proper county.
  • Handling the court filings, including the initial legal documents and any necessary responses.
  • Guiding you through the legal process and making sure you know what happens at each step and the possible outcomes.
  • Representing you in court, so you are required to speak with the judge or other attorney as little as possible.

We represent many people in Birmingham, AL, however we do not limit our practice to Jefferson County. We also commonly represent individuals in family court in Shelby County, Alabama, Calhoun County, Etowah County, Cullman County, Madison County, and Montgomery County.

We Handle Divorce Cases in Alabama

Our family court lawyers understand how difficult divorce is. It weighs on you and impacts your financial, emotional, and physical well-being. Even when you are confident that divorce is the right step for you, it is still a challenging process. Instead of facing this difficult time alone, you deserve to have a Birmingham family law attorney support and guide you. We will ensure you are fully aware of your rights and options under Alabama’s divorce law, found in the Code of Alabama, Title 30, Chapter 2. We will guide you through the divorce process step by step, and help you obtain a fair outcome in regard to your property settlement, division of retirement, spousal support, child custody, child support, and other important issues. The potential cost of a divorce attorney may hold you back from giving us a call. We understand that many people fear an attorney’s final bill. We work to put those fears to rests by being entirely transparent about our fees. We understand you are on a budget, which is why we offer flat-fee services whenever possible.

Types of Family Law Cases Alabama Divorce & Family Law Handles

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Utilize Our Automated Divorce Self-Help System

At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, we believe that everyone in Alabama, no matter their financial means, should have access to accurate legal information and up-to-date documents, and we have the technology to make that happen. We understand that you may not feel comfortable or financially able to hire a family law attorney in Birmingham, AL. You may also have a simple divorce few assets and no children, which does not necessitate hiring a lawyer. For these situations and others, we have created an automated divorce self-help system. For a small fee, you gain access to vital divorce court documents and experienced legal advice. If you have any questions regarding whether the self-help system is right for you, or whether you would benefit from hiring a family law attorney, please feel free to contact us at Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC.

We Represent Parents in Child Custody and Visitation Matters

Whether in connection to a divorce or not, our family law lawyers are here to help you address a child support. Typically, the non-custodial parent, who is the parent with the lessor amount of physical time with their child, pays support to the custodial parent, who has the child a majority of the time. How much the non-custodial parent pays to the other may be based on Alabama Child Support Guidelines. In general, the amount a parent must pay depends on the parents’ combined adjusted gross income and the number of children involved. A deviation from these guidelines is possible in some situations. A Birmingham family lawyer from Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC can help you seek child support from your child’s other parent. We are also experienced in representing non-custodial parents during establishment proceedings. If you believe the current child support order should be increased or decreased due to a change in your family’s circumstances, then you should speak with our family lawyers about asking the court for a modification.

We Are Happy to Guide You Through the Adoption Process

At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, we are blessed to help many families grow through adoption. We represent step-parents, grandparents, and other individuals who wish to adopt another family member. We have handled cases in which the child’s natural parent is deceased, gives consent, or does not initially provide consent. If a natural parent refuses to consent despite their lack of a relationship with your child, we can represent you in asking the court to terminate that parent’s rights, thereby allowing the step-parent adoption to move forward. We also work with individuals and couples who adopt through the foster care system and private adoptions. Whether you wish to bring home a newborn or are prepared to adopt an older child, we want to help you through this process. Our family court lawyers work with prospective adoptive parents every step of the way. We will guide you through the legal process of filing an adoption petition, helping to avoid common mistakes. If an issue arises, we will handle it as efficiently as possible. Once the adoption is final, we will make sure all of the documentation is in place to prove you are now a family in the eyes of the law.

We Handle Domestic Violence and Abuse Orders

Some of the more difficult family law matters we handle are domestic violence and abuse orders. We represent many victims of domestic violence who must seek protective orders under Alabama law, Chapter 5 of Title 30. If you have been harmed by a current or former spouse, someone whom you have or had a dating relationship, a family member or a household member, do not hesitate to call us. We can represent you in seeking immediate and long-term restraining orders. We also have experience in representing individuals falsely accused of abuse. We can defend you against a request for a protection order, which could damage your reputation, impact divorce proceedings, and influence a child custody and visitation matter.

Building Community Through Our Discussion Forum

Family law in Birmingham, AL can be rife with complexities, questions, and confusion. If you have not dealt with certain legal matters before, you may not be sure of what to do and when. You may not be sure of your rights and legal options. Through all of the uncertainty, you may simply need reassurance and support. All of these issues are while Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC host a discussion forum where you and other members of the community can speak with one another and obtain information from seasoned family attorneys.

Let a Birmingham Family Lawyer Help You During This Difficult Time

Most family court matters are challenging processes, even when you can be confident that on the other side is a better future for you and your family. At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC , we believe it is important to help people improve their lives. That is why we are dedicated to representing individuals through family matters, be it or a divorce or an adoption. If you wish to have an attorney, then you should never have to go without. We are available to represent you during a family law matter. Whenever possible, we offer flat fees to ensure legal representation fits into your financial plan. When hiring an attorney is not right for you, you recommend utilizing our discussion forum and automated divorce self-help system to ensure you have the legal information you need to independently undertake your legal journey. We are always happy to speak with your regarding your situation and advise you of your rights. Contact us at (205) 255-1155 to schedule a time to talk.