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Download the E-Book ‘Alabama Divorce and Your Guide to a Fresh Start’ by Richard Perry.

Divorce is an emotional time – particularly when children are involved. But the critical issues of divorce go far beyond child support and child custody arrangements.

Census data continues to show a link between divorce and poverty – particularly for women in retirement. A family business often cannot survive the divorce of its owners. And a fair and equitable division of property and assets – including retirement accounts – is critical to your future quality of life.

A properly executed divorce can indeed be a fresh start. But for those who lack the knowledge to protect their rights – and who fail to seek out the advice of an experienced Alabama divorce attorney – regaining a reasonable standard of living may be difficult or impossible.

As veteran Birmingham divorce attorneys, we believe everyone deserves a fair shot at a secure future. Our Alabama Divorce eBook is aimed at providing you with the knowledge necessary to reestablish your life on a firm foundation.


“This special report was written to help you understand what to expect when going through the divorce process,” notes Attorney Perry in the book’s introduction. “It will give you general information to empower you to make the right decisions on what needs to be done to protect yourself as well as your family.”

Divorcing couples are often confused or intimidated by the process. Attorney Perry’s eBook provides a user-friendly guide to understanding the issues that can impact your divorce.

We begin with a discussion of the grounds for divorce in Alabama, as well as misconduct awards and divorces involving allegations of abuse. Separation, uncontested divorce, divorce mediation and divorce litigation and settlement are defined and explained.

The chapter on child custody explores issues common to divorcing parents, including types of custody and visitation as well as the process for seeking modification to an existing child-custody agreement.

When it comes to your financial future, we’ll look at the two key components: Property division and ongoing support – including temporary or permanent child support and alimony payments. In determining marital property, the term “equitable division” is wide-open for interpretation. Knowing what you need to know to protect your rights can have a dramatic impact on your financial future.

In essence, what is “equitable” is left up to you or the courts to decide – understanding the issues can be invaluable. And forgetting about tax and retirement implications can be costly mistakes he aims to help you avoid.


Attorney Perry’s eBook is a valuable resource for those going through a divorce in Birmingham or elsewhere. Not only will it help you understand the issues, it will give you a better idea of what your attorney needs to do to protect your rights.

Choosing an attorney with knowledge and experience of the complex issues involved can help protect your financial well being and quality of life for decades to come.

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