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Alabama Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes both parties in a marriage are ready to move on. They may even agree on the terms of a financial split. In some cases, relations are still amicable enough to settle child custody issues, child support, and other issues by mutual agreement.

In such cases, seeking the assistance of an Alabama uncontested divorce lawyer may be your best bet. The process need not be overly contentious. Nor does it need to cost a fortune. However, an attorney should be consulted just as you would consult a professional during other major events in your life. Understanding you do not know all you need to know about a complex situation like divorce is the better part of wisdom.

Conversely, do it yourself divorces like those advertised elsewhere on the Internet can be a recipe for disaster. Even if you and your spouse agree now, it’s important to realize that may not always be the case. And there are tax implications, retirement planning issues and a host of other considerations that make it essential to seek the advice of an uncontested divorce attorney in Alabama.

If you and your spouse agree on a few of the basics, an uncontested divorce could serve your needs: You are both ready to divorce, you want to save money more than you want to fight it out, you don’t think your spouse is playing tricks or hiding assets, and you can come to terms regarding visitation, support and similar issues.

You and your spouse meet at Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC (or we agree to meet you at a third-party location) to complete the paperwork. There is a 30-day waiting period after the paperwork is filed with the court. If many cases, the judge will grant the divorce without either party ever having to appear in court.

Attempting to do-it-yourself can give rise to any number of problems. Different counties require different paperwork and court personnel cannot give you legal advice. You may see your case dismissed and lose your filing fee. The divorce can take longer than necessary and you may end up with an agreement that does not address all of the necessary issues.

Alabama’s uncontested divorce process is a low-cost solution that can work for couples in agreement regarding the terms of a relatively simple divorce. Don’t make it needlessly complicated or expensive by not consulting an experienced law firm to ensure everything is in order and that your rights will be properly protected under the law for years to come.

Uncontested Divorce

Can be filed in the county where one party has resided for at least six months.
Can be filed on no-fault grounds (General grounds include adultery, living apart for two years, imprisonment, unnatural sexual behavior, alcoholism or drug abuse, confinement for insanity, illegitimate pregnancy, abuse, lack of consummation.
30-day waiting period after filing.

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