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Nothing Is Written In Stone: Parties To A Divorce Can Try To Change Orders

Whether it be an issue of alimony, child support, custody or visitation rights, circumstances may have changed in your life or the life of your child such that you wish to revisit the terms of the divorce. Or, alternately, your ex-spouse may be seeking a change with which you don’t agree. Either way, it is our obligation to underscore that post-divorce modifications can seem as complex as the divorce proceeding itself – in other words, it’s not a process you want to go through without the aggressive representation of a divorce attorney with years of experience in just such matters.

The Go-To Legal Team For Post-Divorce Modifications

At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, we have handled numerous post-divorce modifications here in Birmingham, as well as the surrounding areas and throughout the whole state of Alabama. Our clients come from all over – from such places as Shelby, Jefferson, and Madison counties. We work at every stage of the process and have a keen understanding of all the salient issues. We also offer free initial consultations, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Changing an Alabama Child Support Or Alimony Order

There are numerous reasons why either party might want to seek post-divorce modifications to a child support or alimony order. Incomes may change, as may the costs of providing for the child. If the post-divorce modification is important enough to pursue, it’s important enough to procure the services of a family law attorney with the relevant background and mastery of the issue.

Changing An Alabama Child Custody Order

For such a modification to occur, a substantive change in the circumstances of the child needs to have taken place. One example might be if the parent with custody previously had a job that allowed him or her to be at home frequently with the child, but now travels for inordinate periods of time. Another, more disturbing example, would be if the parent with custody was shown to not be providing proper care for the child, to the point where the parent’s behavior amounted to neglect or abuse.

Changing Alabama Visitation Rights

As with the aforementioned cases, the final martial agreement decided by the court will delineate visitation rights, but in the future, a parent may request modifications, subject to approval by the court. Again, we emphasize the importance of not trying to fiddle with the status quo on your own; instead, seek the counsel of a formidable family law attorney before proceeding.

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