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People may forgo speaking with family law attorneys for a variety of reasons, but they often do so at their own peril. You may have already worked out several of your issues privately or believe that you cannot afford quality, experienced representation. Unfortunately, even the most straight forward family matters can become complicated faster than you might imagine and virtually everyone can benefit from a little professional guidance in what can be an intricate family court system. When your family’s future and your own financial security are on the line, you never want to be suspired and it’s always best to have as much information as possible.

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The Birmingham Family Law
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Divorce in Alabama

The stakes are high in any divorce. Whether you have a serious conflict or considerable assets to divide, divorce can be contentious and complicated. Even couples with limited resources need to deal with important questions with long-lasting implications. Many people can benefit from the various divorce options available, including uncontested filings or mediation, and our divorce attorneys can help you move forward.

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Types of Divorce in Alabama

And How an Attorney Can Help

Legal Separation in Alabama

Sometimes people need to separate, but decide to forgo a formal divorce. When a separation occurs, they may still need certain legally enforceable rights regarding child custody, visitation, and child support. The filing process is like a no-fault divorce in Alabama, but you must specify your intention to legally separate. Many of the provisions set forth in a legal separation are temporary and will need to be finalized if the parties decide to pursue a formal divorce later.

Uncontested Divorce

This is the most inexpensive and simplest form of divorce in Alabama. A divorce is usually uncontested if both parties agree on the large issues involved. In many situations, only one divorce attorney is hired to prepare the documents and the other person basically consents to the settlement agreement filed with the appropriate court. According to Alabama law, a judge must still wait at least thirty days after the divorce is filed before it can legally be finalized.

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Contested Divorce

When parties cannot agree on the terms of a divorce, such as debt and asset distribution, alimony, and custody, more steps will be necessary to resolve the matter. This does not automatically mean that the divorce will go to trial, but there will likely be numerous hearings, a discovery process, and the preparation of witnesses and evidence. This type of divorce will ultimately end with a judge making a final decision if a settlement cannot be reached. A contested divorce can become complicated quickly. Careful planning and strategy with a Birmingham divorce lawyer are essential to your success.


There are several myths and misconceptions regarding annulments, but put simply, an annulment undoes a marriage by declaring that it was never legal. All marriages are presumed to be valid in Alabama, so the burden is on the party who files the annulment action. Grounds for an annulment include bigamy, incest, duress, underage marriage, and some instances of fraud. These circumstances are rare in Alabama, and many people are usually better served by filing for a no-fault divorce.

Cohabitation Agreements

If you were not legally married, but instead had a cohabitation agreement as if you were a married couple, then you may need legal assistance with separation. A cohabitation agreement operates as a contract and can be terminated in certain circumstances. Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC can help you with a cohabitation agreement so that you understand your rights.

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Other Family Law Matters We Handle

Child Custody & Visitation in Alabama

Child Custody & Visitation in Alabama

The fear and anxiety connected to not being a significant part of your child’s life is unreal. Let us ease that worry. From fighting for your paternal rights and obtaining fair parenting time to modifying custody agreements, we can assist you. Our family lawyers have considerable experience in this field and routinely help establish child custody and visitation for parents, step-parents, grandparents, guardians, and across state lines.

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Adoption in Alabama

Adoption in Alabama

Growing your family through an adoption should be a joyous occasion, but it can quickly become a long-drawn-out endeavor. In Alabama, there are specific laws that regulate the adoption process as well as distinctive types, such as through an agency or a private adoption. Therefore, it’s best to work with an experienced family law attorney to ensure things go smoothly and your adoption ends happily.

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Child Support in Alabama

Child Support in Alabama

Child support represents one of the biggest continuing expenses for parents and when relationships end, it is typically one the primary concerns and points of contention. It is essential that parents understand their legal obligations and defend their children’s right to receive what they need. Whether it is establishing temporary child support, negotiating, amending, terminating, or enforcing child support payments, we can help preserve your children’s financial security.

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Domestic Violence & Abuse Orders

Domestic Violence & Abuse Orders

Addressing domestic violence between family members and significant others is extremely sensitive and has serious ramifications. Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders in Alabama are intended as a legal way to prevent further abuse, but the stigma and limitations involved need to be carefully considered. If you need guidance regarding filing a PFA or defending against a protection order, we are here to protect your rights and safety.

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Birmingham Divorce and Family Lawyers

It’s no secret that ending a marriage or going through any difficult family matter can be very difficult. Everyone has a family member or a friend that went through the ringer, and when people are on the verge of a divorce or lengthy custody battle, they usually steel themselves to an uncertain outcome.

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How Our Birmingham Family Law Attorneys Help You

No matter the size, scope, or objective, our Birmingham family lawyers are driven by ensuring that you receive the personal attention and unwavering support that you deserve.

  1. We Keep You Informed at Every Step

    Complex family and divorce matters can be overwhelming. From day one, our family lawyers will listen to your questions and provide concrete answers. We will also offer a realistic view of all your options at every stage. We believe in remaining accessible to every client in our care, which includes returning calls, emails, and texts right away. If we miss a call, you’ll hear back from us as soon as possible the same day.

  2. We Assess Your Situation & Craft a Strategy

    Whether your divorce involves considerable assets to divide or you anticipate complications with your adoption, we know what’s on the line for our family law clients. Beginning with your initial consultation, we will evaluate your case so we can identify and deal with any hurdles that may stand in your way.

  3. We Take Action with an Eye on Your Future

    Protecting your rights and your family’s well-being is the motivation for everything we do on your behalf. We are experienced family law attorneys and know how to represent your interests in any legal arena. Whether it involves divorce, custody, custody modification of an existing custody order, visitation, child support, adoption, or a protection order, we take strong, decisive, and proactive measures to assert your rights.

In the Heart of Birmingham - You’ll Find Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC

Being from Alabama, we know what it means to be part of a community and to be instilled with a deep sense of faith and duty. At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, our values are traditional, and our mission is simple. Provide the highest possible level of legal service to the good people in or around Birmingham, AL, Jefferson and Shelby County, and to give back to those we serve throughout the State of Alabama. We routinely add free important divorce and family law blog posts, videos and articles to educate the people of our city and state regarding all things divorce, child custody, alimony, child-custody modifications, child support or child-support modifications, protection from abuse orders, ex parte protection orders, asset and wealth protection and more.

‘…our mission is simple…provide the highest possible level of legal service to the good people in or around Birmingham, Alabama…’


Our family law attorneys are located in Birmingham, but provide individuals and families with high-quality legal representation in the Birmingham area and throughout Alabama. Our family lawyers represent people in situations just like yours:

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It is our privilege to be your family attorneys and we are very pleased to be able to give back.

To this end, 10 percent of all profits received will go directly to local charities. To learn more about Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC’s commitment to Birmingham, Shelby County and the charities we support, please visit our Community Outreach section or contact us online.

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Affordable & Attentive Family Law Services in Birmingham

The decision to reach out to a family lawyer or divorce attorney is important. At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, we aim to be a step above the rest.

Whether you are dealing with a bitter divorce or debating what issues you can handle on your own with just a little guidance, finding a family lawyer you can trust is paramount. At Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC, our focus is on what’s best for you and your family. That is why we are pleased to offer innovative legal services where you gain access to important legal documents that can be completed independently. This gives you the option to have the legal advice you need, when you need it, rather than paying costly retainers.

Our Birmingham family attorneys also deliver exceptional legal representation for individuals facing more complex legal matters. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation, to start laying the groundwork for a solid relationship with an attorney that always puts you and your family first. Discuss which option best serves your needs and how Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC can help protect what’s most important to you.