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Home to Auburn University, Auburn is a college town located in Lee County, Alabama. The metro area has a population of 135,000 and is currently among the fastest growing areas of the United States. Auburn University began life in 1856 as East Alabama Male College.

Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC is a full-service family law firm that handles all types of family law matters on behalf of Auburn clients, including divorce, child custody, alimony and child support, adoption and pre-nuptial agreements.

Auburn Divorce Attorney Steven Eversole understands the importance of choosing an experienced law firm when dealing with divorce or child custody issues in Auburn or the surrounding area. Those considering a divorce should consult an experienced attorney before speaking with a spouse about their intentions. Too many Alabama residents suffer needlessly as the result of an ill-conceived divorce. Having an experienced law firm behind you from the beginning can make all the difference.

When it comes to hiring a child custody attorney in Auburn, nothing is more important than finding a law firm that will keep the best interests of you and your child at the forefront of the case from start to finish. We work with families every day. We understand the emotional stress and the turmoil that can accompany a difficult child custody case. And we understand the importance of securing adequate child support and/or alimony, which can impact the quality of life a child is able to enjoy throughout the remainder of his or her upbringing.

As father’s right lawyers in Auburn also know, failure to stand up for yourself and your relationship with your child can have a negative impact on your relationship with your child. While Alabama child custody law recognizes the many benefits of joint custody, a father who fails to remain proactive in the process can easily find himself on the receiving end of a divorce agreement or judgment granting only weekend visitation rights and a few weeks in the summer. Excessive alimony or child support can also prevent you from making a fresh start and rebuilding your life – and may even result in serious legal trouble, including criminal charges.

An experienced Auburn child custody attorney can make all the difference. Your best chance of success is always to consult a lawyer at the earliest stages of such cases. Getting it right the first time is always easier than going to court and petitioning for a change in terms. If you are dealing with divorce or child custody issues in Auburn, contact Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

About Auburn

Auburn was the site of the hospital for Texan Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
Following the Civil War, downtown was gutted in a series of fires and the area would remain severely depressed for the remainder of the century.
An influx of students attending school on the G.I. Bill following WWII led to significant growth through the 1960s.
Auburn University employs more than 4,000, or about one-fourth of the city’s total workforce.
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