How to Get Temporary Custody in Alabama

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Used prior to a permanent solution, temporary custody orders last until either divorce or custody issues are finalized. These orders are used a way to prevent arguments between parents about custody related issues and can provide a method of recourse if a parent fails to comply with custody arrangements. Available as either part of a divorce petition or a separate court order, temporary custody orders play a significant role in many divorces so it wise for individuals to understand some of the various elements about these orders.

The Purpose Of Temporary Custody Orders in Birmingham

In the state of Alabama, many divorces take quite some time to fully resolve. Dependent upon a variety of factors, divorces have the potential to take months or sometimes even years to fully conclude. Some of the factors that can extend the length of divorce include whether spouses contest any issues or if there is any difficulty in assigning a piece of property value. Temporary custody orders can help resolve issues of custody while divorces resolve. Custody orders are also used to determine how decisions for the child or children are made, the locations where the child will reside, and how visitations will occur while the divorce is pending. Temporary custody orders have the power to determine a variety of factors concerning how a child is raised.

Temporary Custody Orders Establish A Status Quo

Temporary custody orders do more than dictate how conditions will exist while a divorce is pending, in many situations temporary custody orders might have an impact upon the permanent custody order as well. Family law judges who determine that a temporary custody order works well might be less inclined to alter conditions when establishing a permanent custody order. Courts of law tend to value stability and routine in the live of children so judges will resist changing conditions too significantly between a temporary and permanent custody order. Individuals must understand that while temporary custody orders are not permanent in nature, these orders have the potential to create lasting effects.

Temporary Custody Orders In Non-Divorce Situations

Temporary custody orders have a variety of purposes in addition to being used while a divorce is pending. Some of the other types of situations that might warrant a temporary custody order being used include when a parent requires extended medical care, a parent is incarcerated, a parent is deported, a parent experiences financial difficulties that make it impossible to care for the child, or while a parent is serving in the military.

The Assistance Of An Experienced Birmingham Temporary Custody Attorney

If you decide to create a temporary custody order while your divorce is pending, it frequently helps to call upon the services of an experienced family law attorney.

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