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Why Hiring the Right Divorce Trial Lawyer is Important?

Hiring the best divorce lawyer for your case will depend on various factors. Among the many factors determining who the best lawyer for your divorce is cost, experience, reputation, demeanor, aggressiveness, knowledge of the law, knowledge of the particular jurisdiction, and more. Perhaps the most significant determining factor in what lawyer is the best for your divorce matter would be trial experience and expertise.
Not all lawyers are trial lawyers. It is simply a fact. Many divorce lawyers in Alabama do not want to take your case to trial because they have little experience in trial, get nervous, or would prefer to negotiate your legal matter rather than try your divorce case. Our attorneys are different. We love trial. Instead, we would take the case to trial rather than waste time and money negotiating back and forth when the parties cannot agree before trial. We have represented thousands of clients and have decades of experience take divorce and family law matters to trial throughout the State of Alabama.

What Characteristics does the best Alabama Divorce Lawyers Have in Common:?

The best divorce lawyers have similar characteristics and traits. Most of the best lawyers we know have these common features

• Knowledge of the law – This is an easy one. The law is codified in statute and in common law decisions that make up the law. A successful lawyer must know the law related to the practice of divorce like the back-of-his-hand.
• Knowledge of the Court – Every judge is different, and each jurisdiction or county is diverse. You can expect a different experience trying a divorce case in Shelby County than in Jefferson County. Likewise, Huntsville divorce cases are other than divorce cases arising in Lee County or Tuscaloosa County.
• Experts in Civil Procedure—A crucial area of the law that many lawyers never become familiar with.
• Good Orator—It goes to reason that the best divorce law firms comprise lawyers who speak and write well. If you can’t articulate a point exceedingly well and argue persuasively, the lawyer should probably stick to transactional work, like real estate closings. It is imperative that your attorney can speak well on your behalf before the court.
• Thinks Quickly—Lawyers must consider and respond verbally or in writing quickly. They must make quick and sound judgments regarding the law and speak eloquently rapidly to become great divorce trial lawyers.
• No Fear—Too many lawyers hate court. It is not a surprise to anyone who has practiced law for any amount of time. A court can be stressful and full of conflict. Lawyers also know which attorneys do not want to go to court or go to trial, and the best lawyers will use that information for your benefit. The best lawyers love trial.
• High-Energy— A divorce matter can be long, stressful, and arduous for everyone involved, including your lawyer. A lawyer with boundless energy can usually maintain momentum through the entire divorce process.
• Tenacity—Dogged tenacity is required from the best lawyers. They never give up and will fight to the very end for the most critical issues to you.
• Ability to Listen— Being a great listener is an often overlooked aspect of being a great divorce lawyer. Listening to your client and your client’s desires is what all the best divorce lawyers do daily.
• Ten Plus Years Experience—There are excellent lawyers with less experience. However it takes at least ten years of experience to become one of the best divorce lawyers. Nothing compares to experience in divorce court and divorce trials.
• Hundreds of Divorce Clients Represented—Similar to years of experience, the number of clients represented is essential in determining who is the right lawyer for your divorce matter. There are lawyers with ten plus years of experience who have not represented half the number of clients another lawyer may have represented.
• Stays Educated on Divorce Subjects—Another oft-overlooked aspect to being a great divorce lawyer. Lawyers must take 12 hours of legal education. However, the best lawyers are continually learning about divorce law in Alabama and around the country. We have also noticed that lawyers who regularly write about the law also are more knowledgeable about divorce law in the states in which they work.

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