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Mr. Perry presented himself in a professional and effective manner while handling our Custody/Visitation Modification case. After our primary attorney was unable to represent my wife, due to unforeseeable issues, Mr. Perry was assigned to our case and we were NOT disappointed! Mr. Perry listened intently to my wife as she explained the events that brought us to this point. As she was explaining these events, you could visually see Mr. Perry formulating a plan on how he would engage the opposing side in court. He took our expected results into consideration and coupled with the information he was given, provided sound recommendations for moving the case forward. Mr. Perry engaged opposing counsel before we entered court and he was able to negotiate a visitation modification settlement in favor of my wife. Although Mr. Perry would have pursued a Custody Modification if we directed him to do so; we listened to his counsel, looked at the merits of our case, and determined that the Visitation Modification was in the best interest of our child. Mr. Perry is not inexpensive, but I will tell any person reading this review, you get what you pay for, and Mr. Perry earned his paycheck!