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When making the decision to divorce, your choice could be complicated by pregnancy. Whether you have already decided to file and became pregnant or you were pregnant before you decided to file for divorce, there are important considerations to ensure that you and your baby are protected. For many pregnant women, the decision to follow through with a divorce can be heart-wrenching and scary. You may have discovered infidelities, suffered abuse, or simply realized that the relationship is no longer healthy for you and your child. Regardless of why you have decided to pursue a divorce, being prepared emotionally can help you protect your rights in the legal process.

Divorce is difficult for anyone, whether you have only been married a year, have children, or if you are in your retirement years. For pregnant women, the divorce process can be especially stressful when dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of carrying a child. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys are experienced with protecting the immediate and long-term interests of our clients and their children. We will take the time to understand your concerns, identify your priorities, and work to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce. When facing divorce while pregnant, consider all of the following:

Health insurance and medical care.

Remember that after a divorce, you will likely be cut off from your husband’s private insurance. If you do not have insurance of your own, you may be eligible for COBRA or other state or federal insurance programs. It is important to consider the consequences of a divorce on your health care to cover the costs of pre-natal care, childbirth, and the future needs of you and your child.

Safety and your living space.

For the remainder of your pregnancy and after your baby is born, your safety and security are of critical importance. The transition of a divorce can have a direct impact on your living situation if you are forced to move out. Consider all of your options, including remaining in the family home, moving in with family members, or seeking out a new place. An experienced advocate can help you review your options and protect your rights in the legal process.

Immediate and long-term financial security.

At the time of divorce, it is critical to protect your financial security. Depending on your investments, assets, and debts, you may have to take various approaches to protect your best interests. An experienced advocate can uncover hidden assets, help you review your assets, debts, and income, and prepare for the immediate and long-term security of you and your child.

Paternity and custody.

When a couple is married, the court will presume the paternity to be the husband’s. If your child is born after the divorce is finalized, you will want to have paternity established separately. You should also realize that your former husband may have custody interests so you should be aware of your rights and obligations.

Child support.

Even if you divorce before a child is born, you have the right to collect child support. Pursuing child support early on will ensure that you have a court order for financial support in the future. It is best to take action during the divorce process so that you have a clear understanding of how much support you are entitled to.

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