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According to an article from Newswise, new research published by the University of Washington indicates that vacations can increase the likelihood of divorce. The assertion is based on research that the university conducted that showed a biannual increase in divorce filings in March and August, the two periods following winter and summer holidays (respectively). While the research studied filings between 2001 and 2015, it was limited to the State of Washington but could be correlated to trends nationwide when further research has been completed, including for residents of Birmingham.

What the Research May Mean for Birmingham Residents

Holidays are stressful times for families, especially those with children. Winter holidays may have cultural and religious significance to families, or may have more of such significance for one parent or partner in a relationship. Handling multiple responsibilities while dealing with family members possibly only seen during the holiday time, or after several holidays when personally important cultural or religious traditions have lost their preferred focus, many relationships can be pushed to the limit. Once that limit is reached, couples may realize that divorce seems like the best option for their relationship.

If this is true, it might be difficult to understand why the increase in filing for divorce doesn’t seem to be happening until March. However, researchers note in the article that couples often need time to get their finances in order after a stressful and financially challenging holiday season so that they are in a position to afford filing fees and the potential legal fees they may be facing. The rationale for the August spike is that the impending start of the school year may inspire some parents to act, possibly because they believe their children will be able to avoid some of the tension a divorce may cause with school-related activities. Many couples with children are also aware of the potential length of a time involved in divorce, and may choose to file in August so that the proceedings can likely be concluded by the end of the school year to avoid another uncomfortable summer vacation for children.

Whatever the case for these spikes in divorce filings, research also found that divorce filings increased during the recent recession. It is no secret that finances are a central point of disagreement and tension in many relationships, so the financial difficulty and related stress many couples faced during more difficult economic times may have sent many relationships past their breaking point. Researchers are currently looking to see if they can identify similar trends in states that have closely related divorce laws but different demographics and economic conditions, and hope to determine that the seasonal spikes translate to other states as well.

Divorce Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

Whether or not the divorce trends noted by these researchers are replicated in Alabama has yet to be seen. However, many families in Alabama do find themselves in situations where divorce becomes the only clear option. If you have made the difficult decision to pursue divorce, or if you have questions you need answered in the process of making such a decision, it is important that you consult with an attorney that has experience handling different types of divorces in Alabama. Such an attorney can help you understand the potential financial impact of divorce, as well as different options available in the divorce process. Contact Alabama Divorce & Family Lawyers, LLC to schedule a consultation regarding your divorce questions and how the divorce process might affect you.

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